Have you suffered an injury at a Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh or a casino anywhere in the United Kingdom? If so you may very well be entitled to benefits and financial compensation according to personal injury laws. You need the ehlp of our skilled Scotland casino injury lawyers for a free consultation. Our Edinburgh casino injury lawyers handle casino accident and injury claims against Harrah’s and other casinos across the country. Contact our Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh casino injury lawyers now for a free consult. With offices in Ireland, Scotland, Wales & England they service accident victims throughout the UK.. Please feel free to connect with our injury attorneys for a free case analysis. You can also visit our casino injury podcast, and casino injury videos for more information and to arrange a free case evaluation. No fee until we recover compensation for you.

Claims Our Edinburgh Casino Accident Attorneys Handle

In a casino there are numerous accidents that can result in serious and life altering injuries. These can be stairwell accidents, slipping on wet or slippery floors, tripping on uneven flooring or unsecured rugs, assaults, sexual assaults, lift accidents, escalator accidents, accidents due to poor or inadequate lighting, negligent or incompetent security and excessive force by bouncers, security or police officers.

No matter what type of casino accident caused your injuries let our Grosvenor casino injury solicitors help you.

Benefits Awarded In Casino Accident Cases

In an casino injury claim there are certain benefits and forms of financial compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, diminished quality of life, inconvenience, pain and suffering. These can include:

Lost wage compensation

Pain and suffering compensation

Medical expense coverage and or reimbursement

Medication, ambulance and therapy costs

If you were injured on the job at a casino you may qualify for temporary or partial disability benefits

Our Edinburgh casino accident lawyers will analyze your claim, identify all liable parties and fight to get you the benefits and financial compensation you deserve.

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